New Orleans 2015

Ginder and I decided to take a vacation before his restaurant took off. We decided to go south to New Orleans 🙂 Neither of us had ever been so it was an highly anticipated trip.  We conquered the term travel by driving to NOLA… 19 hours later and some pretty sore bums we arrived on Bourbon st. wired and ready to rock and roll.

I didn’t realize that I was such a planner until I have everyday under my wing and luckily  he just went with it. We ate at all the posh restaurants we could find and did all the typical tours. Every minute of NOLA was unbelievable, and amazing. The culture the people and food were something you have to experience for yourself.

When we finally reached home I became very NOLA-Sick, I needed to go back- I looked at apartments and jobs to fill the void of missing it so much. I then realized I don know if I can handle the party all year long. So I told myself I would return for Mardi Gra!

Enjoy these pics 🙂

Categories: Food & Drinking, Travel


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