Fords Fish Shack Ashburn Virginia

Coming from Charlottesville Virginia, Ginder and I are snobs when it comes to food. I swear there’s a posh place to eat on every corner.

We started to get a little disappointed in the variety of restaurants in our neighborhood, so when a friend mentioned Fords Fish Shack . I thought to myself I pass this restaurant almost everyday and its big white letters are so prominent that I have no idea whats next to it. Why haven’t we been there ? I love seafood! …. but seafood in suburbia? Ok thats it! We’re going on the next date night!

RULE 1. Make a reservation- There is always a wait! Which is no problem if you like to drink 🙂

RULE 2. Order the angry mussels!!!

RULE 3. And a bacon bloody mary!

Fords has a wide variety of food items on there menu and a great raw bar selection. There food is alway fresh and tasty! One of my favorite items on the menu are the “Angry Mussels”– It has to be the bits of chorizo that keep me craving more! Mussels are naturally a really great source of protein… and I hate sharing…. so I eat them as a meal 🙂 …its not that I hate sharing, because Ginder and I share most of our meals, but honestly this dish is so delicious I want it all to myself. (Just being honest)

October is Shucktober!

Shucktober: October 1-31
$1 Blue Point Oysters
$1 Wicked Pissahs

And don’t let Saturday night get the best of you! Brunch is right around the corner!

( I wish I had snapped some photos last Sunday… I was to caught up in my bloodymary…)

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