Vince Camuto Blanket Poncho $169

My new favorite addition to my closet!

Luckily this was a gift from my lovely boyfriend. Last week I was watching the today show and they were doing a “fall must haves” segment… and this beauty was on there. The model was tall and thin and everything i’m not, but for some reason I felt this strong connection between me and this poncho.. call me crazy but I have these connections with material things :/  I kept going on the Nordstroms website and adding it to my cart and then later I would exit the screen. I actually do that a lot, for some strange reason I get satisfaction out of putting things in my cart and then closing out.

This poncho is not only a perfect fit, its a simple statement piece to any wardrobe! It pairs well with boots and booties but I think it looks especially good with boots and you can switch up the colors to tan, black, or brown. Its such a wonderful fall/ early winter piece! I recently wore it to Michigan, and the weather was nice and cool and it kept me very comfortable.

Nordstroms Poncho!

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