Going Old School! – Slim Fast Day 1 …..

I have decided to try something new for (me) but its an old fad diet. I have some close friends and family trying this out to. For anyone that knows me, they know I love a good fad diet.

So after hearing about someone very close to me loosing 21lbs doing slim fast for 13days I was shocked!! So naturally i’m giving it a try. Tomorrow I will weigh in and start the diet.

Meal Plan-

Breakfast: 500 CALORIES OR UNDER

7:20 am 440 Calories- 2 Large organic eggs scrambled with 1 thin slice of cheddar cheese.  On the side I had 1 slice of toast with 1/2 tsp of kerigold butter and a thin coat of fig spread. I had one K cup of Starbucks with a splash of coconut cream.

10:45 am Snack- One handful of Large green grapes

11:30 am Lunch-Chocolate Shake ( I decided to use almond milk for a lower calorie count)

Snack- 12:45

6:15pm Dinner- ……. I was starving after my workout so I picked up some sushi and had six pieces

Snack – …… I was very hungry around 8:30….. So I picked up some homemade chicken soup with veggies from the restaurant. I know you shouldn’t eat past 7, but I was very hungry and I didn’t want to go to bed Hungry.

…. I weighed in… but I’m to embarrassed to post it …..

My fitness pal

Goal 1,650 Daily

Food 1,223

Exercise 411

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