Rainbow Snap Chat

So my Monday-Friday job I nanny for a family when i’m not doing weddings on the weekends 🙂

The older child that I kinda watch wanted to do that crazy rainbow snapchat thing, so here goes it 🙂

  1. Apply pink blush to the cheeks and nose then add the white paint under the lip (I also padded white eyeshadow to the white paint)

2. Line with black paint or liquid eye liner to the white and the top of the lid. ( We did not have two sets of lashes so I improvised and drew in the lashes on the bottom)

3. Have fun with this… you don’t have to be exact.

4. Start drawing lines dow the face in different color paints- she wanted the rainbow in this exact order but you can do anything you want. ( Grab a cheap white shirt at Michaels so you can apply the paint to the shirt to! )

5. We added some fun white sparkles! ( She let me fill in her eyebrows  with dark brown paint for a more cartoony look)


This was a lot of fun! I wish we were more prepared for this activity but I think for a last minute look it was perfect for her middle school dance 🙂

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