October Birchbox💋💄

I’m a true believer in treating yourself! I like to treat myself at least two times a month… I know, but I really look forward to my Birchbox and my Ipsy.

My October Birchbox finally came and it was worth the wait.



So first off they sent me a travel size Davines Love shampoo 🙂 I know from working in a salon for eight years that this product alone costs about $10.50 so thats more than the cost of the whole Birchbox itself. I love travel items I keep them all in a box under my sink and when I travel I practically get to shop again and pick what I need to take with me!


The also sent a Stila mascara- I’m picky when it comes to mascara.. and nothing is making me happy these days so I always apply individual lashes.. to me that is more satisfying. However I’m very excited to try this one out and I would have except I’m wearing falsies right now and I wouldn’t be able to give you an accurate review.


I have never heard of the line English Laundry but I’m verrrrryyyyy curious! I tried the perfume and its very rich and sexy.. I think it would compliment an evening dress very nicely.  The creme highlighter they sent has a very nice texture and a light translucent sheen to it. Lately I have been applying for pro discount with different lines to check out different products and this one might go on the list!


So when I looked up this product in full size its very expensive and the reviews are fabulous. Who dosent love anti aging products???!! I can’t wait to wash my face tonight and give it a try.


Enjoy 💋

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