New Years Bridal Trial

How about planning the biggest night of your life on New Years! A wedding is a great way to celebrate your new life in the new year with all of your closest friends and family.

For a night like this you have to keep it classy by doing a very elegant up style and a classic red lip!

We started off by prepping her hair in 1 1/2 inch sections all over the head.


Then while the hair cools down into form I started to apply her makeup.


We did a fun cat eye liner and light smokey eye :)….. with a touch of highlighter and of course the red lip.

Oh don’t forget the individual lashes!


After pulling the pins out of the hair I gave the hair a nice brush to give it that fluffy finished look. I then sectioned off the back of the head and pinned the remaining parts up.


I put a tiny pony at the base of the hair and teased the pony so that I could wrap it up into a chignon base.


I started to take the three sections above one at a time and brushing those sections, to see how the curl would fall. I then separated that one section into two sections and pinned them.


Again I repeated the process.


And again…. however this time I allowed for some volume at the top of the head.


This is what were left with. You and your client have to decided what  you want the front to look like, my client and I decided on a very simple pulled back look.


That seemed to look the best.


The finished look!


Mirror shot!


We lifted the bang just a little to give it a touch of volume.


I can’t wait to see her wedding pictures!!!!!

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