Back-shadow Blondes

So, I love being blonde….realllly blonde… but during the winter its nice to have a change. So I decided to jump on bored with the new trend of back shadowing. I love this salon here in Northern Virginia called Maude its located in downtown Herndon. They have some skilled ladies working there. My stylist was Tina she stays up to date with the newest trends so she was excited to transform my old color into something fantastic! Naturally I showed her a picture off everyones favorite site Pinterest 🙂


I love the shades of blonde throughout her hair.

Here is a picture of my hair with the roots.! The dark line was driving me nuts… I needed to have my natural color pulled through for a more natural grow out ( Just for the winter)




Her strategy is confidential…… not really I just didn’t want to look vein by taking pictures while she was foiling…I do know that she like to foil out some sections and then tease lightly at the root and the apply the color throughout the strands.


She nailed it.



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