I’m so excited about my new Nars cosmetics I just received! Its so hard to find the perfect foundation for your skin and I think I have just found it! I have pretty smooth and clear skin but its can get pretty pink and blotchy especially in the winter so I decided to try the Sheet Glow Foundation Monte Blanc by Nars- Its truly a perfect match for my creamy complexion!


I also surged and purchased a couple more items like the Dolce Vita blush 🙂 its a perfect color for the winter.


And of course I needed to try their bronzer Laguna its a fairly lighter bronzer compared to their casino bronzer and can be layered to create a darker contour.


To top it off I bought the pppppeeerrrrfect highligher Albatross! Im obsessed with Beccas Moonstone.. however I think I stumbled onto something better- It stays on for hours.

The finished look!



4 thoughts on “Nars

    1. For my complexion I would say it is full coverage however it does not feel heavy at all it has more of a silky texture-it goes on so easy I actually cheat and use my hands to apply it rather than a brush- I would recommend going to a Sephora or a blue Mercury and actually testing it out on yourself they would be more than happy to help you I’m sure:)

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