Mermaid Tail

So anyone who knows me, knows I’m obsessed with anything mermaid thanks to my mother. Her and I believe we were mermaids in our past lives. So my sister in law took it upon herself to create us beautiful knitted mermaid tails!

You have to to check these out! And if you are interested in purchasing one of these please let me know through a comment! Her prices right now are ridiculous!

****AMAZING mermaid tail blankets for sale! You can purchase these MADE TO ORDER! The back has a slit so you can put your feet inside and lay the blanket on your lap. They are super warm and cozy!!! 4 sizes available (see below) Right now I’m offering a DISCOUNT if you order BY JANUARY 1. Message me if you’re interested!
Toddler: $45 (Reg $70) – $25 savings
Child: $55 (Reg $80) – $25 savings
Teen: $65 (Reg $100) – $35 savings
Adult: $70 (Reg $110) – $40 savings
+shipping and handling

Here is a picture of the ones she made for us 🙂

This ones moms!


This ones Mine 🙂


This is what if looks like fully extended


This is what the underside looks like- This makes it easy to lay the blanket on top of you and slip your feet inside 🙂


I laid around all Christmas day in my mermaid tail.





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