Lash Extensions By Gale At Brilliant Lashes

Holy cow, why did I wait so long to hop on the bandwagon! I think it was the pricing at first, however now that the craze has died down and can be handled than more than one local establishment pricing becomes more than affordable! Working at this new salon has linked me with a few new connections. My most recent find is Gale at Brilliant Lashes located in Chantilly Virginia.

I arrived at her house and she had a secluded room off to the side that was made into a spa room for lashes and other treatments! She played music for the two hours I laid there while she applied an individual lash extension on each lash… it’s really unbelievable how perfect she applies each one perfectly.

I have a pretty nice lash texture, they tend to be pretty thick and straight. However when you see yourself with longer more black lashes, it really opens the eye up and allows for you to leave the house with little to no makeup on… its amazing.




va vaaaa voooooommmmmmm



Gales Full Set $99

Fill $50

Cheers !


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  1. marlene

    hey , your lashes look great. i wear strip lashes every day but would love to try these. since you’ve had them for a month now, i have a few questions… do you curl with an eyelash curler everyday? have they stayed put, and with no excellerated loss of your own lashes?


    • Thank you! I’m so hooked! You do not need to curl your lashes because the lash extension itself is pre curled in the lab/factory. They have stayed put, however your lashes are on 3 cycles and you could apply an extension on Monday and have that lash fall out on Tuesday because its hard to tell what phase of the cycle the last is in. I do believe that if your technician puts too heavy of a last on your natural lash it could potentially damage or cause that last to fall out… I went three weeks with my first full set of lashes and on the third week they still looked great but the lashes were spaced out so I went and had them done about a week ago 🙂


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