That time I got to model.

So, I have this (amazing) photographer friend…She needed some new shots for her portfolio! Check out the full blog here Laura Paige Photography.

Please keep in mind I have never “modeled” before. The words “chin down, neck out” are on repeat in my head even today.

What girl doesn’t want some fun head shots!



We like to call this one the mother of dragons…  This was  a little unusual for me, only because I tend to be pretty modest… I can just hear my brothers in the back ground..”mad put some clothes on”..

(I wish there more enhancements that could be made to this one 🙂



So I need to get back in the swing of things and post more often!  Mom and I went on our mother daughter trip to Italy this past March..

We splurged and bought  Hermès scarfs ..I know….When in Rome right? So because this scarf needs a shoot on its own, I had to wear it. The colors are unbelievable, I love the way it brightens up my face, however I can’t imagine wearing it often I’m so scared something will happen to it. So after these shots I immediately packaged it back up in its cute little orange cylinder.




Well ya know because I’m a stylist… I had to have this classic “let me play with my hair” shot. The scarf steals the spotlight 🙂



And again….



Oh ya know.. lets just lay in some grass.. and pray I  get eaten alive.




You try and keep a serious face when the photographer says… “do you look at men with those eyes?”… And in my head I’m like …yes………duhh.





Soaking up the sun.



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