These images of my 2017 trip to Budapest, Hungary are sporadically placed. I wanted to share my trip, because I believe Budapest to be undeniably beautiful. Mom and I decided to take the trip because Expedia started to promote the city last summer for travel. It had never been on my radar prior to booking the trip, however now I can’t wait to go back! One of my best friends decided to join us and she loved too!

On this trip we explored Budapest, Eger, and Vienna Austria



Above: These are chimney cakes which used to only be made for the holiday, however nowadays they are made throughout the year. They’re delicious and made warm and fresh!










Above: Our couples massage included a bath…. together.. naked.img_0768

Above: This was at my favorite restaurant Sźoda this meal was about $20.img_0707img_0934

Above: We did an afternoon cruise on the danube for $9 and that included 2 glasses of champagne! Sold!img_0953

Above: This is a picture of the parliament! Isn’t it gorgeous!img_1247img_0700img_0993img_0744img_0817img_1258img_1028img_1024

Above: This was taken at the top of the Vienna Sofitel.img_1080img_1079img_0854img_0806img_0814img_0871img_1074img_0906img_0700-1img_0811img_0783



Above: This was inside the Free Pub downtown Budapest.. the place was filled with paper and straw.. with exposed candles lit! I don’t know how they keep this place from going up in flames!img_0954img_0663

Above: This was northern Hungary in a town called Eger knows for  its wine!img_1020img_1086img_0667img_1034img_1109img_1103img_0978img_1261img_0979img_1100

Above: Within the Széchenyi  thermal baths.. they had a beer one, where you could soak in beer and drink from an unlimited tap.img_1081img_0982img_0904img_1002img_0992img_0969img_1159img_1047img_1167img_1132img_1141img_1147img_0935img_0937img_1218

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