Austin Texas

Belive me we kept it weird.

Austin is an eclectic mix of people, food, fashion and art. We stayed downtown at the JW Marriott it was the perfect location to just about everything. The first night we were able to catch the 1.5 million bats that emerge from the south congress bridge. That was an extraordinary site ..they put on a great show. It was so cool we actually witnessed it twice. When we weren’t stealing water bottles from our hotels cooler and handing them out the the homeless we were stuffing our faces with everything expect for BBQ and steak. We did some shopping at some of the boutiques and typical souvenir shops which we cool… but my favorite part about Austin were the Lime Scooters.. they’re everywhere and so easy to use!



img_39121.5 Million bats that emerge and consume 35 thousand pounds of insects a night!

img_3785img_3763img_3765We stayed on the 28th floor of the JW Marriott

img_3796These were my moms spirt animals .. done by a spirit animal reader.

img_3815img_3797These were my animals.. funny how mom and I both got Boar on our first draw.

img_3795img_3933img_3852Delicious donuts at Little Lucys! On Rainey St!

img_3752img_3834img_3923img_3896This portrait turned out nice of mom .. taken at the Drunk Pig on 6th Street

img_3902This was from Pirahana sushi restaurant Great happy hour with drink and food specials!

img_3831This was a yummy sandwich I had at Royal Blue Grocery! The italian warmed!

img_3768Mmmmmm.. delicious Thai Cuisine at Mai Thai.. the eggplant delight was my favorite.


img_3791img_3812img_3793Pricey boots at Allen Boots! But fun Merch!

img_3817img_3790img_3866img_3898img_3827img_3819img_3794img_3850img_3764img_3925img_3851img_3928My favorite part of Austin were the lime scooters all over the city!


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