Cartagena Colombia 2018


Having been to Cartagena Colombia 2 times before while cruising, I decided to give it a shot for a weeks stay. Cartagena is a combination of new and old, so we did four days in the old walled city and then 4 nights in the modern city of Bocagrande. Our accommodations were through Airbnb and flights with Copa. Our flights per person were about $570 and airbnb per person $350..we stayed 8 days.

The flight from Dulles Va to Panama was about 4.5 hours and then it was a quick walk to the next gate which headed to Cartagena .. and that flight was around 40 mins or so….So having departed at 2:30 am we arrived in cartagena by 8:45 am and out of customs and immigration by 10:50 we were sipping beers by 12:00.

Below is an image of the first airbnb that was within the walled city..which honestly was my favorite part of Cartagena. The Airbnb had no running hot water which was fine considering it was always around 90 something outside. Luckily they did have ac units throughout the rooms. When we first arrived ben and I wanted to kill each other because it was boiling outside and then come to find out the apartment was on the third level and as we walked inside we were blasted with a heat wave.  We took cool showers and started drinking beers throughout the town.

Note to self : Carry pesos!!! not USD … they conversion is much cheaper and that way theres to confusion.

We walked around and finally found a nice bank and withdrew small amounts daily. There are also little market grocery stores everywhere so that makes grabbing bottles of water pretty convenient. Yes, only drink bottled water.. and I guess the ice is fine at restaurants we didn’t have any issues with that.



After Ben had finally cooled off I made him go stand next to the Botero sculptures which are places throughout the city.


Walking around we found a little area known as Getsemini, it has more of a hipster art vibe. We walked by this restaurant called Di Silvio trattoria which immediately catches your eye because of the indoor outdoor seating area… so we stopped in and boyyyy did we  find a slice of heaven… and pizza.


On our way back we decided to stop in this cute restaurant  and drink some sangria!

After the sangria we were lured in by a local to come and enjoy some margaritas… who could pass that up… however the margs were just ..okay. .. whatever look how cute this place is.




These beautiful buildings all have gorgeous doors!

So naturally if Anthony Bourdain eats in Cartagena we follow. This is La Cevicheria it was  feature on Anthonys television series.  It was absolutely fantastic and very reasonably priced.

La Cevicheria

Obsessed with this peanut octopus dish!


Ben fell in love with his coconut based ceviche!



Oh Yeah I forgot to mention, we booked a fishing trip!! with Cartagena Fishing It was absolutely fabulous! Note to self: Wear tons of sunscreen and don’t forget your dramamine.

I was nicknamed chum bucket by my lovely boyfriend from that excursion…

all in all between the throwing up and more throwing up we had such a wonderful time and  we both caught some king mackerels.



I had to jump into the ocean because I needed to be one with the sea.. due to my vomiting.


Captain John took us to San Fernando and we were giving a private guided tour for $8 each… it might have been $8 total I can’t remember.

After our tour we came back and lunch was served!


What a catch!



Our captain had our fish sent to a local Italian restaurant and it was prepared in a couple ways! This places was so cute and they served the most delicious ceviche I have ever eaten. Thanks Cevicheria Trattora Donde Wippy!!


Epoca has delicious cocktails, yummy snacks and delcious coffees.


Theres lots of shopping to be had in this awesome city! Below are some cool finds!








Had to have it again! Round 2!


Our romantic dinner at Santa Clara! For about $120 per person you can dine on the tasting menu.


Because I didn’t want to be that person capturing everything I consumed..this is about all I got.


These images below  were captured on the Bona Vida Catamaran! for about $80 per person you can set sail all day with lunch and a full bar.. drinks not included but they were very inexpensive.

The best bartenders and crew!!


We had such a fabulous time that in fact we booked another trip for April 2019!!! I turn 30!!!


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