“Do you look at men with those eyes?”

“Do you look at men with those eyes?”

So, I have this (amazing) photographer friend…She needed some new shots for her portfolio! Check out the full blog here Laura Paige Photography.

Please keep in mind I have never “modeled” before. The words “chin down, neck out” are on repeat in my head even today.

What girl doesn’t want some fun head shots!



We like to call this one the mother of dragons…  This was  a little unusual for me, only because I tend to be pretty modest… I can just hear my brothers in the back ground..”mad put some clothes on”..

(I wish there more enhancements that could be made to this one 🙂



So I need to get back in the swing of things and post more often!  Mom and I went on our mother daughter trip to Italy this past March..

We splurged and bought  Hermès scarfs ..I know….When in Rome right? So because this scarf needs a shoot on its own, I had to wear it. The colors are unbelievable, I love the way it brightens up my face, however I can’t imagine wearing it often I’m so scared something will happen to it. So after these shots I immediately packaged it back up in its cute little orange cylinder.




Well ya know because I’m a stylist… I had to have this classic “let me play with my hair” shot. The scarf steals the spotlight 🙂



And again….



Oh ya know.. lets just lay in some grass.. and pray I  get eaten alive.




You try and keep a serious face when the photographer says… “do you look at men with those eyes?”… And in my head I’m like …yes………duhh.





Soaking up the sun.



Mermaid Tail

Mermaid Tail

So anyone who knows me, knows I’m obsessed with anything mermaid thanks to my mother. Her and I believe we were mermaids in our past lives. So my sister in law took it upon herself to create us beautiful knitted mermaid tails!

You have to to check these out! And if you are interested in purchasing one of these please let me know through a comment! Her prices right now are ridiculous!

****AMAZING mermaid tail blankets for sale! You can purchase these MADE TO ORDER! The back has a slit so you can put your feet inside and lay the blanket on your lap. They are super warm and cozy!!! 4 sizes available (see below) Right now I’m offering a DISCOUNT if you order BY JANUARY 1. Message me if you’re interested!
Toddler: $45 (Reg $70) – $25 savings
Child: $55 (Reg $80) – $25 savings
Teen: $65 (Reg $100) – $35 savings
Adult: $70 (Reg $110) – $40 savings
+shipping and handling

Here is a picture of the ones she made for us 🙂

This ones moms!


This ones Mine 🙂


This is what if looks like fully extended


This is what the underside looks like- This makes it easy to lay the blanket on top of you and slip your feet inside 🙂


I laid around all Christmas day in my mermaid tail.





Vince Camuto Blanket Poncho $169

My new favorite addition to my closet!

Luckily this was a gift from my lovely boyfriend. Last week I was watching the today show and they were doing a “fall must haves” segment… and this beauty was on there. The model was tall and thin and everything i’m not, but for some reason I felt this strong connection between me and this poncho.. call me crazy but I have these connections with material things :/  I kept going on the Nordstroms website and adding it to my cart and then later I would exit the screen. I actually do that a lot, for some strange reason I get satisfaction out of putting things in my cart and then closing out.

This poncho is not only a perfect fit, its a simple statement piece to any wardrobe! It pairs well with boots and booties but I think it looks especially good with boots and you can switch up the colors to tan, black, or brown. Its such a wonderful fall/ early winter piece! I recently wore it to Michigan, and the weather was nice and cool and it kept me very comfortable.

Nordstroms Poncho!

I have a small boot obsession.

Ok, so every fall/winter my mom and I go absolutely nuts for boots. My big fat issue every year are my BIG FAT CALFS, I swear no matter how much weight I loose I still have yams for legs. So whats a girl to do …. thank god for wide calf.

Last year I stole my moms tan born boots and never gave them back 🙂 You won’t believe what I found on the Nordstroms Rack site!

Last year they were $240 on Nordstroms 🙂 $119 is a steal!

Tan Born By Crown Roxie Boot

Suede Born By Crown Roxie Boot